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KimWe should be able to donate with a google play balance. I have google play rewards $$$ I can send your way!
Device: N/A
App Version: N/A
 Posted Dec 12 2017
CaseyDropbox is failing to connect: dropbox server exception nginx 400 (v1_retired)

Admin reply: Dropbox updated their API and deprecated the old one. I'll try to fix this asap.
Device: 3032417845
App Version: 2.07.48
 Posted Oct 2 2017
KhennyThis app works flawlessly on both my devices. Is there anyway you could add the option to sync between different devices? I have to update both devices since my son and I both take care of the tarantulas and we have to continously tell each other the feeding/watering info. Also would be nice if it backed up automatically online to Gdrive. I recently had to factory reset my phone and the backup and data were both wiped and I have to start all over again.
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4
App Version: 2.07.43
 Posted Mar 27 2017
ColinThis a great app, I have used it for a year. However, your last update broke the ability to add pictures. I now get the same error every time, "Cannot edit pictures under 50 x 50 pixels", no matter what size image I try and use. Straight from the camera works though. Thanks Colin
Device: HTC One M9
App Version: 2.07.43
 Posted Mar 5 2017
GoroHi. I wanted to ask if there would be any problem in recommending your app "Tarantulas" on my youtube channel. The channel is about animals. Thanks in advance. Sincerely Goro. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXzNZmLJ67CBEPJVDu05Nfw
Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
App Version: v2.07.40
 Posted Oct 21 2016
Tino Angenendt Works Fine. Thanks alot!
Device: ASUS Padfone S (T00-N)
App Version: 2.07.30
 Posted Jul 7 2016
CaseyLove the app...it is a lifesaver. I would make a suggestion regarding the menu selection placement. There are times up in the right hand corner that they are unresponsive unless you do a small scroll of the main area, and a bit of separation between the settings, sort, search and batch menus would be really nice. Keep up the great work!
Device: nexus 7 2014
App Version: 2.07.16
 Posted May 2 2016

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